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Here is an exciting opportunity to purchase a very enjoyable & well-established retail business with a rapidly growing web business.

This company is very well known for their quality B.C made products. These are mostly on consignment – giving a very positive cash-flow and margins; there is no dead stock.

The one retail space is in a prime location and at under 700 sq. ft. boasts sales of over $835 sq. ft. with very good gross margins. Compare this with Wal-Mart at $492 sq.ft and Shoppers Drug Mart at $790 sq ft.

The past fiscal year (end Feb 2017) has seen;
-Double digit increase in sales to $550k Target $650k for 2017/18
-An 80% increase in online sales to $49k – well on track for $100k in 2017/18
-Sales per month for 2016/17 have exceeded every single comparable month for the
past 10+ years!
-Margins continue to grow.
-Easy to manage Social Media has driven this growth.
-Major National Media has profiled this business
-This business provides a good income for the owners.

The retail business has been established since 1984 and operated by its current owners for over 11 years after retirement from their main careers.

The baton will be passed to new owners who have the passion to fully implement this company’s growth strategy.

The market for buying locally made goods is growing. What limited competition that exists is unsophisticated.

Victoria BC CA
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