Taqueria “El Circo”

Speciality: Mexican Tacos and Mexican foodBusiness For Sale

Taqueria “El Circo” was established back in 2001 in the city of Cuernavaca, Mexico. Our main goal was to offer Mexican customers with a home made taco style with fresh, all natural, high quality food assurance standards that made a difference among thousands of Taco Restaurants. But in addition to the food there is the place and target customer: “El Circo” (The Circus”) is the environment and atmosphere you live inside our taqueria, mainly because it was thought from the beginning to be a family and children place to eat end enjoy the best mexican tacos and many other delicacies of the Mexican cuisine. At present, we are franchising our Taqueria here in Mexico, but we would like to offer it overseas and expand our business.


Cuernavaca Mor. MX
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