Cape FearDevelopment Group Inc.

Unlimited Commerical and Residentual building company in N.C.Business For Sale

Listing Price:

$525,000 w/ 3 residentual properties

*For sale North Carolina building company with unlimited commercial building license*

I have owned Cape Fear Development Group Inc. since 1998 and have acquired 3 properties in Research Triangle Park market in the 27712 area code. We have completed 58 commercial projects in this time, gas station renovations 4 in total, restaurant renovations 19, jewelry stores, Pizza Huts, hair spas, yoga studios and many more. 520 units apartment upgrade and 5 Target store solar panel installations. 25 single family homes built and many more residential remodels.
I am sell Cape Fear Development Group with a commercial building license and 3 properties in North Carolina for $525 k. NASCLA license is pending in 13 states. I will stay on as consultant as new owner transfer into position.
I have several engineers, architects and real-estate agents whom I do business with and they will be in the North Carolina market.
Thank you for taking time out of your busy day and pass this on to prospective owners.
-Brian Harrison

Seacrest Drive 221
Wrightsville Beach 28480 NC US
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