bizynga provides you with a platform to showcase your business and connect to interested buyers/investors/consumers. This is a very NEW website that needs YOUR participation to get up and running! Why not…it’s 100% free!

The idea to create this site was sparked when we were looking at the available websites that allow sellers to list their businesses online. These sites were often clumsy, full of advertisements and very unprofessional looking. Our goal is to make bizynga a household name! We want to connect business owners to potential buyers/investors and also allow space for business to pitch new ideas to test the market.  In the future we aim to allow business to bring new and exciting products to market here and sell directly from this site.

1. Add Your Business Opportunity/Advert Today!

Upload photos to generate more hits. Add as much information possible to intrigue your target population. Add a link to a webpage with more information for your visitors.

2. Get Discovered by Buyers

Upon confirmation, your business listing, pitch or advertisement will appear throughout the website and will be searchable by interested parties. A badge will be added to your listing to mark it as official and interested parties will be able to easily locate your posting though the advanced search options.

3. Increase your Exposure

Once listed, interested parties will start coming to you! It’s your job from here to let them know why buying your business, investing in your business, or why buying your product will benefit them!


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